Playful Prisms

Playful Prisms is an interactive artwork in Children’s Hospitals of MN, St. Paul Branch.

Playful Prisms started as an exploration of color: warm colors (yellows, oranges and pinks) versus cool colors (blues, purples and greens) and the natural progression of sunlight throughout the daytime into night. It deepened into an interactive study of colors, patterns, shapes and objects as they relate to each other. Visitors are encouraged to turn the orange handles until each display case is filled with matching surfaces– all four prisms can be turned to show the flat painted sides (which make a picture), pattern of washers, or collection of found objects. All twelve prisms may be matched to form larger patterns across the wall, or rearranged by each visitor for maximum enjoyment.

SM prisms w furniture







SMObj-Right-prism-layers SMObj-Left-prism-layers

SMMix-Right-prism-layers SMMix-Left-prism-layers SMMix-Center-prism-layersSMObj-Center-prism-layers