Found Treasures

Found Treasures is an original wall sculpture created by Minneapolis artist, Gail Katz-James. Gail has created this three-dimensional quilt from bits and pieces of stainless steel, wire, washers and a variety of small objects. Using recycled objects such as buttons, doll shoes, plastic dinosaurs, toy cars, sprockets, and washers gives her limitless opportunities to experiment with form, scale, pattern and color. The repeating structure of quilt blocks also allows Gail to create a work that can calm, soothe and invite interaction and imagination.

Each square in Found Treasures has a theme, but there are also some surprises scattered throughout the piece.


See if you can find them all!

The Statue of Liberty; The Empire State Building; The Eiffel Tower; Big Ben (clock tower);  Pyramids of Giza (3); Clock Face; First Aid Kits (3); Fire Extinguisher; Video Camera; Forks (2); Spoons (2); Butter Knife; Ice Skates (2); Map; Brown Purses (4); Doughnut; Whistles (2); Hippos (2); Pink Rubber Ducky; Space Chimpanzee; Bat; Unicorn; Alien; Dragons (3); Fairy with Wings; Moose