Bubble Pub

Bubble Pub – Jenny Hale & Gail Katz-James

Fermentation Festival 2014

“Bubble Pub” celebrates fermentation by transforming corn cribs into a series of increasingly carbonated vessels of locally crafted brews.

It will light up the barnyard at night with its glowing effervescence.


Artist Statement and Bio –Jenny Hale & Gail Katz-James

Jenny Hale lives in Northern California, where she creates community based public art installations that focus on our relationship to the natural world through the use of recycled materials and ecological themes. Gail Katz-James lives in Minneapolis where she transforms steel and recycled objects from their familiar contexts into surfaces and structures.  She is motivated to build community through art making. Jenny and Gail met 15-years ago working as sculptor’s assistants in San Francisco. “Bubble Pub” is their first collaboration.