Fanflare Installed in Mankato CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour

Fanflare, a collaboration with Jenny Hale, was installed for one year in Mankato on May 12, 2018. This artwork was inspired by the following quote by C.C. Jung.”The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction both are transformed.”

Gail Katz- James, metal sculptor and Jenny Hale. light artist, explore the intersection of solid and patterned forms. Their collaboration is a metaphor of the interplay of the materials they love. Without open spaces in the solid steel, there would be no shadows.

Mod Pod on exhibit in Mankato, MN

Please visit the Mankato CityArt Sculpture tour, on exhibit through May, 2018 to see my latest work, Mod Pod, on the streets of Mankato.

Mod Pod is inspired by a vintage toy space capsule crossed with a straw dispenser and retro spinning top. Each level of the sculpture contains different suspended objects to discover. Give each section a gentle spin and peek inside to see the movement of the tiny treasures inside and imagine your own liftoff!

Mod Pod

Treasure Tower: Mankato City Art Walk Installation

Mankato City Art Walk, May 14, 2016 – May 2017- 

Photos by Sue Hartley.

Installed my first semi-permanent outdoor sculpture in the city of Mankato, MN.
Treasure Tower, made of powder-coated steel rod,  includes glass beads, handmade by glass artist Mary Ila Duntemann, and steel cutouts (instead of hardware) made using the CAFAC computer driven plasma cutter. These photos show visitors and the amazing City of Mankato installation team, who welded my base to steel strips embedded in their concrete pedestal.

DSCN1180 DSCN1187 DSCN1169